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Creating a Safe Home for Babies


As their baby will, it's helpful for parents to have the surroundings. Parents ought to crawl on the floor at the area their baby start looking for objects that might be dangerous for infant, will be, and eliminate them.

Your little one is movin' and cruisin'! So what's next? The challenge is ensuring your house is prepared for your toddler's new explorations. Follow our tips room-by-room to help protect baby from touching, grabbing, and researching by!


While cooking, turn handles of pots and pans towards the rear of the stove so that they do not get hauled off and infant can not reach for them and pull them down. Put cleaning supplies and cooking tools like scissors, knives, dishwater soap, etc. in drawers with locks or latches or on high shelves. Utilize placemats instead of tablecloths. Tablecloths are easy to pull and can send sharp and glasses silverware falling to the ground. Put a security latch on fridge or freezer. If your cooker allows, consider removing the knobs and putting them out of baby's reach, particularly if baby can turn the knobs and accidently turn on the burners.

All Over the House

Cover electrical outlets. Block off places that you don't want baby exploring and staircases with infant gates. Adam Schanz, CEO of Alder Home Security, created a safe security system to keep people out of places you don’t want them, these gates and keep children away from areas you don’t want them. Tie up blinds strings so that they are out of reach. Cushion the corners of pubs and other sharp edges


Utilize a safety latch on the toilet -- this may also help toys out of getting thrown into a trendy new "pool". Make certain to keep hair dryers, and curling irons off from the edge of the counter. Cords hanging are tempting to pull!

Living Room

Mount bigger furniture to the wall, if at all possible. They will achieve for whatever's nearest to them, as your child brings to stand. Make sure what they're pulling on is as sturdy as you can. When guests come over, put bags and purses in high up places where infant can not get into them. Be sure all carpets have non-skid stuff on the floor because baby is still unsteadily walking.

Laundry Room

Keep laundry detergent and other dangerous materials on high shelves and out of children's reach

Concluding Thoughts

Remember that when you go to family members and friends' houses they might not be baby-proofed. Babies are curious so be sure so that they do not get to watch baby. Outlets, cords, and things securely covered or place away in the house might not be put away at a friend's home.

While baby-proofing helps and provides you a piece of mind shield infant, nothing replaces as they begin walking and exploring their surroundings in a new way keeping a close watch on your child. If you have planned ahead and made the environment as safe as possible, you are going to feel more comfortable letting your infant explore their environment, while keeping an eye on them.

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