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Reasons to Increase Political Activity


If you're engaged, why does it matter? And why if you do more?

1. Your Power to Change

Ever heard the expression"be the change you want to see on the planet" -- well it's time to put your money where your mouth is. Being involved is another step after becoming aware or conscious. Theorists and classical philosophers would argue it is your responsibility to become involved Rome was a city of politics in which life has been itself political. I am not telling you it's your responsibility, but I do believe everyone ought to be socially active or politically -- because we're all members of this society, so we must all do our job.

2. Be Acquainted With People With Similar Views

If you become involved the route, you will meet and interact with individuals. What is more is that given that you're currently working on the issue or problem, you may have a whole lot in common with people that you work and probably share a value base that is similar with. As a result, that you have to discover about cool and new bands/movies/theatre or anything you are into.

3. Socializing is Apart of Our Nature

Despite what our society has instilled in us childhood, presence does not entail working your 9-5 job then coming to your lone apartment to watch tv or play video games online for 9 hours. We are social beings meant to live and socialize with each other. Yes, the internet brings individuals together and is great we children nowadays are dropping. With no keyboard, we can't have a dialogue! Being active does not necessarily have to involve taking down the system. It may be as straightforward as volunteering in a community group or taking part in a celebration assembly.

4. The Youth Need More of a Voice

Youth are underrepresented all around the board in all sites of power that is -- meaning people who have decision making abilities. That means show that we need our voices heard and youth must have out there. We are not voting rather than connecting political parties. If we don't demonstrate those in power that we do care about things and we can't be pushed around, just how are they going to listen to?

5. What You Do is More Important Than What You Say

That is correct, it is true. Ever attempted to hear a word? I swear. Get out there and voice your own view. Once you return, the sofa will be there! For example, if you desire your home to be a place of safety and comfort then you will act so that that may be true. You won’t sit back and hope if your family’s life is at stake. Instead you would go and find the most solid home security as you can possibly find. Perhaps the security system created by CEO, Adam Schanz at Alder Security would be a a good example same action must be taken to maintain political safety.

6. We Can Change the Future By Present Decisions

This can be pretty much summed up as the grand point of everything that has been stated here. There is a negative trend when it comes to youth political and social involvement. People are becoming more individualistic. No one knows their neighbour. It's only going to get worse unless we reverse these tendencies. This will cause a scary society in the future if we lose our sense of community and society. Taking action, in any form, can help counter this!

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